Research 15/021
How PlayStation Changed the Gaming Community Forever

Playstation is a video game company, part of the Sony conglomerate, best known for the console series of the same name; Initially released in 1994 in Japan and a year later in the rest of the world, it quickly became the most successful console in history, becoming the first console in history to sell 120 million units.

But, the real revolution came in 2000, with the announcement and release of the PlayStation 2, 15 months after the release of the Dreamcast and a year before the Xbox, the PlayStation 2 is universally recognized as the most successful console in history, selling over 150 million units.

What differentiates the PlayStation 2 from its predecessor and other competitors, even more than the design and performance, has been the communication, PlayStation aimed specifically at youth culture, with captivating campaigns, often at the limit of taste and characterized by at least particular visuals, this led the company to identify a new gaming community with PlayStation, filling the void that had been created with the failure of Atari and the arcades.

If Sony had already understood how to take root in youth culture with the first PlayStation, just think that inside the most exclusive clubs in England you could often find a room used as a games room with almost exclusively PlayStation, with the PlayStation 2 it surpassed itself , becoming the reference point in the gaming world for all young people, transforming the video game audience from 13-15 to 23-25 ​​years old.