Internet Subculture: Iceberg Explain

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Since 2015, Iceberg charts have been used by internet communities to demonstrate that the tip of the iceberg is the summation of the knowledge of most people, while the much larger submerged part of the iceberg is the sum of all knowledge of a particular topic.

Starting as a way to create memes images on different topics, the concept have been later came out into video formats for delivering uncommon information about a subject ranging from obscure themes or easter eggs and glitches, to abstract concepts, rumors, and theories.

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With time, Icerbeg charts have become an artistic expression of sharing an interest. People began using it as a medium to tell epic stories and mostly to report the most uncommon, obscure and disturbing facts.

But Iceberg charts goes beyond stretching conspiracy theories and rumors. It became a way for passionate people to elaborate on different things. Entertainment, philosophies, music, art ...

This widely spread format have now become one of the symbol of the internet meme culture. Something unique born with online communities with no previous link with the physical world.

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